FAQ – What is Cloud TV?

1 – WHAT IS CLOUD TV? Cloud TV uses Internet technology to send television programming to your TV. Cloud TV uses a broadband Internet connection for international programming directly to your home without a satellite dish. Simply connect TV (with App) or your Cloud TV device (example: Formuler Z Prime, MAG254/256, Kodi) to your Internet connection at home, sit back and enjoy.

2 – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL SATELLITE AND CLOUD TV PROGRAMMING? Traditional satellite dish requires the customer to install a dish on their whereabouts. Cloud TV offers a unique solution for customers who are unable to use satellite programming (due to no sight to the satellite or apartment with its limitations). Cloud TV provides higher quality in most circumstances.

3 – WHAT LANGUAGE IS CLOUD TV SERVICE? Cloud TV service supports many different languages.

4 – WHAT DO I NEED TO LOOK FOR TV? To install and use Cloud TV, you need the following: High-speed Internet connection of at least 6.0 Mbps, preferably with a wired connection to your equipment (if not possible, the WiFi) and a functioning TV.

5 – CAN I USE CLOUD TV AS I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT ? Yes, Cloud TV is perfect for people who live in an apartment! Cloud TV works well everywhere with high speed internet, including apartment buildings or high-rise buildings, or as a satellite TV dish can not be installed at your home. Often traveling? Take Cloud TV with you and watch your favourite programs on the go or at the temporary destination.

6 – CAN I BUY CLOUD TV IF I DO NOT COME INTO CONSIDERATION FOR SATELLITE SERVICE? Yes, you can buy and use Cloud TV if you do not qualify for a satellite TV service. Since Cloud TV delivers international programming to your TV via the Internet, no satellite dish is required. Moreover, you need to enter into any contract or undertaking to qualify for the purchase of Cloud TV. To qualify, you need a high speed internet connection of at least 6.0 Mbps or higher.

7 – WHAT IF MY INTERNET ROUTER NOT CLOSE MY TELEVISION? Good news, there are many wireless Cloud TV receivers which can do the job wireless! 

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