FAQ – Buffering and Freeze

Some customers report Buffering and Freeze issues. This small article explains, based on the experiences as described on different forums, what the causes of freezes are and how you can minimise them for yourself.

Below a schematic view of how the Cloud TV streams flows and where the problems are often found.


If you experience freezes or buffering of streams, the following may help;

  • Try to avoid wireless connection, a wired connection (netwrok cable) will result in a more stable connection and stream. Some wireless receptors are not stable enough and cause speed issues. If you don’t have a wired connection near to your Cloud TV device, Powerlink adaptors may solve your problem!
  • Reboot your Cloud TV device
  • Reboot your router
  • Try to perform a Speedtest for the device you are using. For Cloud TV, a 20Mb or higher connection to the internet is preferred, minimum is 10mb download speed (upload speed is not that relevant)
  • Especially for Kodi and Android devices there are different configurations, codecs, plugins and updates needed for each device. Please make sure your device is correctly configured
  • Check Router configurations like DNS, DHCP and firewall
  • Some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) can block Cloud TV traffic. A workaround for this can be to use Google’s DNS
  • If using a computer be sure that the Firewall (combination with Virusscanner) on your computer is not blocking the connection.


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