Cloud TV on multiple devices

You can stream your favourite channels on multiple devices! As example, you can use your m3u subscription on Tablets, Smart Phones, TV’s, Android Boxes, Kodi Devices, Laptops and so on.

If you use the example of the below picture, you can start watching a stream on your Tablet, close that stream, go to the living room and continue watching on TV 1, when you want to go to bed, you close the stream in the living room and go to bedroom and continue watching on TV 2. And so on.  

But, be careful, you cannot stream on two devices the same time!

Multiroom setup possibilities

If you want to watch streams on multiple devices, you will need multiple m3u subscriptions. So, in the above example, if you want to watch a stream on TV 2 and TV 3 the same time, you will need two subscriptions and use one on each of the devices you use.

What happens if you use multiple streams with one subscription

Your IP number will be blocked from the service and you will not be able to watch your streams. This can be solved by requesting the support team to release your IP number. Send us your IP number and the request to release. You can retrieve your IP number, using one of the following tools: or The service will be released as long as you respect the fair use policy and not abuse the service.

MAG devices and Multiroom 

Unfortunately, Multiroom does not work with MAG devices, you can only have one MAG device per external IP number (typically your home has one external IP number).